District Conference 2022


A district conference without great workshops would be like soup without salt. This year, with the online competitions, the conference would hardly be conceivable without the workshops and would only be half as interesting for everyone.
Therefore, we are happy to be able to present a few exciting workshops to you.
You can already find some of them here on this page and there will be more to come. The schedule and which workshops will finally be online or live will be published here as soon as possible.



Francisco Mahfuz

“Find your Storypowers – How to discover, craft and tell all the stories you’ll ever need”

– Discover all the stories you’ll ever need
   (including your signature story) 
– Learn the easy steps to craft any story 
– Avoid the worst story mistakes 
– Become a prolific storyteller 

English Workshop – live and online


Lukas Liebich, DTM

“Better Decisions Faster – Secrets for Effective Facilitation”

Having many options can be great – but it poses a problem too. With too many action ideas to choose from, where should you even begin?
In this session, you will learn about a couple of tools that will help you and your team make better decisions faster.
You will learn the secrets of “Multi-layered Voting” (insider information: there are THREE layers).
Lukas will also show you how exactly pro facilitators prioritize using the Impact/Effort Matrix.
You will find out that Toastmastering can help you not only with doing presentations at work, but also with running meetings, and guiding your teams to making Better Decisions Faster.

English Workshop – live and online


Ineke Vermeulen, DTM

Humor is serious work! A workshop on finding and training your funny bone. 

Human beings laugh a lot. It is one of the first things we learn as a baby – and even babies know how to use laughter to connect. If a smile is the shortest distance between two people, humor is the direct gateway to other people’s hearts and brains. We laugh to break the ice, we laugh to hide embarrassment, we laugh to relieve ourselves from various types of pressure and stress. Everybody is funny, and in this workshop, you will not only learn some insights into the workings of humor, you will also learn how to tell better jokes and to find your own humorous style. Better even: you will learn how to write your own funny material and jokes.

This is an interactive workshop, so be prepared to learn hard, work hard, and practice hard! Bring your favorite pen and a notepad, bring a bottle of water and a power bar, and most of all: bring a lot of energy. There will be a mix of instructive background information and exercises – it will be great fun and you should all be able to take home valuable new insights and content for your next humorous appearances.

English Workshop – live and online


Mylgia van Uytrecht

“The Humor Game”

The smartest solution to prevent boring meetings and sleepy speeches is to incorporate humor!
– It provides variety and atmosphere.
– Laughing together builds trust.
– It’s likable, especially when you take yourself for a ride.
You get effective tools to support you:
– How to recognize, activate and use your own sense of humor authentically in speaking.- How to spice up your text with humorous elements.

– with the most important rules and humor techniques standup comedians use that you can apply yourself right away …

No need to be borne with funny bones. Everyone can learn how to use humor techniques. You’re going to have fun with this for sure, since Mylgia stands guaranty for practical easy learnings with lots of energy.

Entertaining – Educational – Interactive r.

German Workshop – online only


Maura DiMauro

“Diversity & Inclusion Cards® | Online Game Session”

The Diversity & Inclusion Cards® are an Edutainment tool, part of the diversophy® games series. These games are used as training activities to stimulate participants to develop intercultural skills that are particularly useful for effectively creating and managing relationships with people of different cultures.

Diversity & Inclusion Cards® game was developed to support the facilitation of DEI learning contexts, aimed to support participants’ comprehension of the impacts and of the value of diversity and inclusion. Further, Diversity & Inclusion Cards® contents can facilitate the development of workshop participants’ self-awareness and to enhance their diversity and inclusion management proficiency, thus improving their organizations’ DEI strategies and, consequently, enlarging the capacity of teams and organizations to benefit from diversity.

During this online event facilitated by Maura Di Mauro, participants will play Diversophy® Diversity & Inclusion Cards Game and will have the opportunity to reflect on their learnings and on how to implement them in their organizational contexts.

Are you interested in Diversity & Inclusion issues? Do you want to introduce D&I into your organization in an innovative way?

The online workshop will be an interactive event organized on Zoom platform and based on an immersive gamification or edutainment team activity. Participants will be divided into teams and invited to play with the Diversity & Inclusion Cards® game, part of the Diversophy® series. After playing, participants will reflect and discuss on their learnings and will develop their personal action plan towards DEI.

Diversity & Inclusion Cards® game will stimulate participants’ curiosity and interactions through discussions, and will promote the development of intercultural and diversity & inclusion skills, both, at interpersonal and organizational level.

SIGN UP for this online event. See you online during Toastmaster Workshop

English Workshop – online only


Keerthana Krishnan

Your first step to consistency

Productivity is always a journey, never the destination. Here, I share some strategies I use to speed up the process and get things done, tailored for a Toastmaster journey. The main takeaway here is recognizing your style of productivity and getting insight on how to work with your current lifestyle to reach your Toastmaster speech goals.

English Workshop – online only


Jan Behling, DTM

“Die Bewertungsküche”

Lerne von den Besten! In diesem Workshop analysieren wir die drei Siegerreden des diesjährigen District 95 Bewertungsredenwettbewerbs (sofern diese einwilligen).

Wir besprechen die vier Redetypen und erklären, warum es für die Bewertung wichtig ist, sie unterscheiden zu können. Dann besprechen wir, welche Anforderungen jeder Redetyp an den Inhalt der Rede und an den Präsentationsstil stellt. Schließlich sehen wir in den Siegervideos nach, wie die Anforderungen umgesetzt wurden.

Deutscher Workshop – live only


Markus Koch

“Nadelöhrgeschichten und Stecknadelmomente”

Markus beschäftigt sich schon seit vielen Jahren mit dem Thema Kommunikation und wie es gelingen kann, andere Menschen zu informieren, zu erstaunen, zu begeistern, so dass es hängenbleibt in den Köpfen. Ein sehr direkter Zugang in die Ohren und Herzen des Publikums sind Geschichten. Doch nicht einfach irgendwelche Geschichten aus einem Buch von einem anderen Autor, nein, gerade persönlich erlebte Geschichten machen den Unterschied aus. 

Erst wenn Du es selbst erlebt hast und dies durch Deine Geschichte ausdrücken und auf der Bühne wieder zu Leben erwecken kannst, erreicht Du die Zuhörer und eine magische Verbindung entsteht. Was früher schon am Lagerfeuer funktionierte, dass die spannendsten Geschichten und wichtigsten Erfahrungen geteilt wurden, kann auch Dir auf der Bühne gelingen.

In diesem Workshop geht es zum einen darum, herauszufinden, wie Du Deine eigenen Geschichten findest und in einem zweiten Schritt, wie Du sie so erzählst, dass Dein Publikum ganz Ohr ist und das Fallen einer Stecknadel hörbar wird. Welche Tipps und Tricks kannst Du anwenden und wie bringst Du Deine Zuhörer genau in das Gefühl, welches Du vermitteln willst?

Wieso erreichen oft Nadelöhrgeschichten, die von Abenteuern, Scheitern und Verletzlichkeit handeln, die Zuhörer am direktesten?

Nach diesem Workshop wirst Du in der Lage sein, mit Deinen eigenen Nadelöhrgeschichten bei Deinem Publikum Stecknadelmomente zu erzeugen.

Deutscher Workshop – live and online


Jan Behling, DTM

“The Power to Influence People”

Can you pull the strings behind the scenes? Sound out interests, forge alliances and influence opinions? In this workshop, you are asked to actively negotiate a fundamental business decision. You will take one of six differing roles and try to determine the individual interests of your fellow five decision-makers. While negotiating, you are asked to influence their decision in your favour.

The workshop consists of three meetings of 30, 20 and 40 minutes spread over both conference days. Participants will also negotiate bilaterally between meetings

English Workshop – live only


Jan Hölzer, DTM

Technik aus philosophischer Sicht

Die Digitalisierung scheint eine der wichtigsten Aufgaben unserer Zeit zu sein. Oft wird sogar von dem digitalen Zeitalter gesprochen. Diese tiefgreifenden Veränderungen haben auch gesellschaftliche Auswirkungen. Der Vortrag beleuchtet die Technik aus philosophischer Sicht und gibt einen Überblick über die verschiedenen Problemstellungen, die sich heutzutage durch das Verhältnis von Mensch und Technik ergeben.

German Workshop – live only


Viktoriya Sokolova

“Your Inner Motivator or How to Reach Your Goals”

Do you want to know how to stay motivated? How to be a great model? How to use your time productively and keep on growing?

Viktoriya will share with you the stories from her personal life and the lessons she’s learned being a scientist, a public speaker and a mother of three kids.

She is a TEDx speaker and the author of the book “To Rock Your LIFE: Switch On Your Brain More Often Than Your Vacuum Cleaner”.

In her workshop Viktoriya will shares with you some secrets which helped her on her way, and which can help you in realizing your dreams.

English Workshop – live and online


Ashish Kshatriya

“The Human Mind & 5 Senses”

What’s the session about?

This session will focus on why Humans are Nature’s wonderful creation. You will learn how information received through 5 senses is processed, and how we, Humans, have created a magical world with our mind. There will be plenty of interactive exercises, fun facts, and videos to explore how we process our thoughts, and about Human capabilities.

What’s in it for you?

You will discover power of your mind – your personal supercomputer. You’ll learn how habits and thought patterns are formed and how one gets entangled, becoming prisoner of his/her own mind. This session might help you to discover yourself, or this might be the beginning!

English Workshop – live only


Elizabeth Smith, DTM

“Bad Leadership”

What’s behind “people do not leave bad jobs, they lead bad leaders”. Let’s investigate what bad leadership is and what leaders should not be doing.
How can we use more contemporary leadership styles like Servant Leadership?
Come and hear what that is and why we apply it in Toastmasters. Likewise, I would love to share with you what I believe the difference is between an old world and new world leadership style. Curious?

English Workshop – live only


“Playful warm-ups & drills for impromptu speaking”

We will facilitate association generation, letting the ideas flow more freely. We will add structure through mental models. And we will spice up the speech through using descriptive language.

Some of the exercises one also can use at home

English Workshop – live and online

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